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 . The Terms and Conditions will be unique, different for each job of work. However, roughly, to qualify for the One Thousand Pound EMF G5 Proofed Room : This does include One Small Window. Window Proofing is very expensive to perform. Also One ventilator by gravity syphon which means non-electrical. This offer is currently for UK United Kingdom Installations only excluding the Highlands and Islands due to the Ferry Costs and Accomodation Required for our Installations Team. Non-UK Installations can be carried out subject to longer planning-out schedule and Travel Costs. As it happens, we are training up other Teams to provide a Global Service, so please do make enquiry, send your requirement to us at email address : shield@emfoil.com . The room to be fitted with EMF G5 Shielding must be empty of all objects before we arrive on site. We cannot work round cupboards, tables, beds, or anything , so the room MUST BE EMPTY for us to carry out the installation. New Builds : To a certain extent, New Build EMF SHIELDING is quicker - faster - cheaper - more effective - when completed during the build construction process . Please Enquire about our Partnership Affiliation Associate Scheme to share knowledge with house builders. Final Testing : before leaving Site Location our Installation Captain will carry out a METER READING looking for EMF Fields and SIGNAL STRENGTH on the G5 Frequency wavelength. Mobile Phones SHOULD NOT WORK inside the defended space. However the door must be closed. Thank You.

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Self Defense
Common Law Allows Self Defense

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